Attracting, Supporting & Retaining Educators of Color in Delaware.

Offering professional development opportunities that cultivate a path to career success for educators in Delaware. Learn how we support Educators of Color.


Diversify the Delaware Educator Workforce Initiative (D.D.E.W.I.) is a professional learning community committed to improving the educational outcomes for all students in the state of Delaware.


Ensure all students have the benefit of learning from a diverse workforce that is reflective of the student body within our schools by working with diverse stakeholders (students, families,  professionals, and community stakeholders) who are directly involved in the development, planning, and implementation of recruitment and retention strategies for Educators of Color and Linguistically Diverse Educators in Delaware.

The Race and Culture of a Teacher Matters

Ensuring that all students see themselves represented in the teaching profession is a critical and necessary step in achieving educational equity.  Educators of color have the ability to connect to all students, but research shows this connection is specifically advantageous to students of color whose culture and identity is eliminated from the educational experience in America.  Research and data support positive educational benefits for all students if they experience a diverse teaching force (CCSSO, 2019).  Students of color, specifically black students benefit exponentially when they experience at least one educator of color.  Studies have found that black students who had at least one black teacher in third, fourth, or fifth grade were less likely to drop out of high school and more likely to aspire to go to college.  For Black boys the dropout rate was cut by 50 % if they had just one black teacher. (Gershenson, Hart, Lindsay, Papageorge, 2017). Research shows that educators of color also benefit white students and prepare all students to “increasingly global society” through exposure and interaction to people of all backgrounds.  Students that have early exposure to people from diverse backgrounds are less likely to have stereotypes, unconscious biases (CCSSO, 2019)


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